According to a press release from the Lufkin Police Department, a man who described himself as 'young and stupid' made a rash of bad decisions in a short period of time.

The report states that a man fled from a Lufkin Police Officer on foot following a traffic stop on a shoplifting suspect from Walmart. The officer stopped the vehicle at Pinnacle Senior Living near the intersection of Whitehouse Drive and College Drive in Lufkin.

The officer attempted to detain the suspect after asking if he had stolen items from the nearby Walmart. The man said he had and that he was "young and stupid." So, there's bad decision number one - shoplifting, but to his credit, he did tell the truth about it.

The man then made a dash for it and ran from the officer into a nearby tree line. The officer deployed his Taser but missed. Though officers searched the area, the man was not found.  Another bad decision by the suspect, even though he made an escape, his freedom will probably be only temporary. Why? That leads us to his next bad decision.

The shoplifting suspect ran away, but he left his truck behind. Inside the truck, stolen items including a toddler bed, kitchen mixer and bedding sets were recovered. The truck was towed and taken to be processed. The incident remains under investigation.

In other Lufkin Police news, Robert Cooper, 56, was arrested after a Family Dollar employee saw him conceal a soup can in his pants. Officers arrived at the location on Timberland Drive and took him into custody. He also had 33 Class C warrants.


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