Just a little over a week ago, East Texas was hammered by heavy downpours. Most of the Pineywoods saw anywhere from 7 to 10 inches of rainfall over three days, with a few isolated areas getting almost a foot of rain.

This led to flash flooding in many areas across the area.

More Heavy Rain is Heading to East Texas

Another storm system is moving toward the Pineywoods, and bringing the threat of heavy rain overnight Friday and throughout some of the day on Saturday.

The good news is that forecasters are NOT expecting the extreme amounts of rain we experienced just over a week ago. However, 1 to 4 inches of rain over an 18-24 hour period is not out of the question.

With the ground still saturated, that kind of heavy rain could quickly lead to more flooding issues across Deep East Texas.

The Timing of the Rain

A slight chance of rain in East Texas will start Friday evening, but that will jump to a 90% chance around midnight tonight. We will keep that 90% chance until about mid-morning on Saturday.

These thunderstorms are expected to hit central Texas Friday evening and then spill into our area a few hours later.


A few scattered showers or thunderstorms could also redevelop Saturday afternoon, but by that evening we should be in the clear.

What About Tornadoes?

Meteorologists with the Storm Prediction Center say there is a slight chance that a few of the storms could reach severe limits. Hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes are all mentioned.

However, the best chance of severe weather including tornadoes (albeit slight) will be confined to the Houston Metro area and towards Beaumont.



Keep Alert to the Changing Weather

That's always good advice. Strong thunderstorms are possible in our neck of the woods, plus there is a decent risk for flooding, so stay up to date with what the weather is doing.

Remember,  you can download our free station app to have weather alerts sent to your smartphone. 

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