An eclipse like this only happens once every twenty years, and it will be viewable in Texas Sunday; partially anyway.

A solar eclipse is when the moon blocks out the sun for a time, and leaves a ring of fire around its circumference. The sky gets a little spooky-looking for a bit and then the moon and sun part like a good Dancing with the Stars release move, and life goes back to normal.

Spots like Reno, NV and Albuquerque, NM will have the most spectacular views of the complete eclipse, but the entire path of the eclipse stretches from China to Texas. Plenty of folks will have the opportunity to see the rare show of nature. says 6 million people live in the path of the eclipse and many of them will be outside Sunday looking up at the sky with funny glasses on, viewing a piece of history.

Yes, you must view the eclipse with special glasses on or you’ll burn your retinas! The fun doesn’t come without a little risk. Ouch.

Yahoo News offers some of the best info on what exactly a solar eclipse is, how long it will last, and where to see it. We might catch a glimpse in Lufkin and Nac, but if you want better views, hop in the car and go visit your friends in Lubbock.

When will the next full solar eclipse be seen in East Texas? Uh….April 8, 2024. Start planning those solar eclipse viewing parties now.

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