We had some champions stop by the Merrell in the Morning show today.

The Rampage softball team, who just happen to be the 14 and under state champions paid us a visit today and told us about their experiences in trying to bring home the world series title. 


Last week, the Rampage went to Panama City to take part in the world series, and they did very well, winning all their games except for one in bracket play, however, there was one competitor that they did not beat...no team did --   Mother Nature.

July is the wettest month on average in Panama City, and you don't have to try to convince the Rampage of that.  After a series of long weather delays, the tournament was finally cancelled due to weather.

That's all right though, we know who the best team was...it's the same one pictured below.  (Also, take a listen to Danny Merrell's interview with members of the team).

rampage 2

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