The small town of Dalhart, Texas is mourning the death of a high school football player who passed away from injuries he suffered Thursday evening (9/1) during a junior varsity football game in Dimmitt, Texas.

Yahir Cancino suffered a head injury midway through the final quarter of the football game.  According to a statement by the Dalhart ISD Superintendent Jeff Byrd, trainers and emergency responders tended to the injured young man before a helicopter was brought in to fly Cancino to a hospital in Lubbock. In that same social media release, Boyd reported that the young man was in critical condition and encouraged everyone to pray for him and his family.

On Friday, September 2, Yahir Cancino's mom, Araceli Hernandez gave a Facebook update that her son had passed just after 10 pm on Friday night.  In that statement, she thanked everyone for their prayers and recounted how friendly and full of faith her son was.

Numerous vigils were held in the Panhandle of Texas in the hours following Cancino's injury.  A large crowd attended a gathering at the Dalhart football field.

Plus, football players from Sundown, near Lubbock, formed a prayer circle in the children's hospital where Cancino was being treated.

All extracurricular activities for this Labor Day weekend for Dalhart ISD were canceled. Superintendent Jeff Byrd went on to state that the school district had been in contact with Region 16 and that they will have their Crisis Team on campus to support their students & staff Tuesday morning. Also providing support will be the Dalhart Ministerial Alliance and the Texas Panhandle Centers of Amarillo.

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 Please keep this young man, his friends and family, Dalhart ISD and the entire community in your prayers.

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