If your GPS told you to drive off a cliff, would you do it? I'm guessing around 99.9% of drivers would answer no, however, there is a woman in the D/FW Metroplex whose answer I'm not so sure about.   

According to a report, a woman called Carrollton Police to let them know of a strange predicament.  She had driven her car onto railroad tracks and had gotten stuck.  One might thing that her car may have stalled as she drove over the tracks, but that wasn't the case.  This lady actually turned onto the tracks, straddling the rails with the wheels of her car.

She did manage to travel about 50 yards in such a manner before the damage to her car became too extensive.  And the reason she gave to officers as to how she got in this situation - her GPS told her to take a wrong turn.   And it should come as no surpise that the woman had been drinking.

Still, how far gone do you have to be to pretend your car is a train simply because your GPS couldn't possibly be wrong?

The bad news is the lady has been charged with suspicion of drunken driving.  The good news is that a train wasn't coming.


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