Thomas Rhett doesn’t mess around when it comes to birthday gifts for his wife, Lauren. This year, he surprised her with something she’s apparently been wanting for a while: a dirt bike. Rhett posted a video on Instagram sharing the reveal, and it’s clear Lauren was shocked and ecstatic to see what was behind the truck door.

Maybe some girls would prefer jewelry or clothes, but this is exactly what Mrs. Akins wanted. The clip shows Lauren beaming as the truck door rolls up, revealing a brand new green dirt bike adorned with balloons. She turns to her husband and exclaims, “Oh my gosh! I’m dying!"

“For everyone that gave me crap for not getting Lauren a dirt bike,” Rhett narrates, deadpan.

The artist and his wife have a sweet story and strong relationship, having known each other since the first grade. They were married in 2012, and Rhett says it’s Lauren that inspired “Die a Happy Man."

“I just think this song shows how me and Lauren love each other,” he said previously.

Thankfully, the song got her stamp of approval before it was released. Rhett insists it's her opinion matters most when it comes to his music. “If she doesn’t think something is cool, I have to like really think it’s cool to still do it,” he says.

Last year, he posted a video chronicling his wooing of Lauren throughout the years, as a way to show that persistence in following your dreams pays off before the ACM Awards. It shows all kinds of adorably awkward photos from as far back as 10 years ago, and proves what a rare love story they have.

The couple recently teamed up with their friends to raise money for the nonprofit 147 Million Orphans with a benefit concert on Oct. 4. Rhett wrapped his tour with Jason Aldean earlier this fall, which Aldean commemorated by getting Rhett a Polaris ATV. The artist says he’s busy working on new music, writing and determining what he wants his new record to look like.

“I’m just writing songs to try to figure out what direction my brain wants to go, what kind of songs I want to write, where I’m at in my life right now, what kind of content I want to write about,” Rhett says. “So it’s just really fun to get back in and be creative again and start that process again of just like well, what are we gonna do different on this one that we didn’t do on the second one that can really up the game?”

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