A few weeks ago, I was about to shave, but for some reason, decided to put it off until the following day.  Well, I've been putting it off for quite a few consecutive days.  

I've actually gone so far as to buy a beard trimmer.  I might as well have bought a particle accelerator...I'm not sure how either operate.

I did try to grow a beard a couple years ago in honor of 'Movember', but, even then, I knew it would be coming off by December.  This beard may also have the same fate sooner than later.  However, I wanted to see what I could do with it...what kind of shape would look best on me.  Being the beard virgin that I am, I decided to take a look at how some celebrities wear their facial hair.

The gallery above represents some of the different styles that I might try.  My first pick was the look of Sean Connery, but, then, the George Clooney look caught my eye. Then, I made a realization.  The reason why these guys have good looking beard styles, is because these are good looking celebrities.  Any one of them could shave one side of their face and put duct tape across their forehead and still look good.

So, I decided to get your input on what happens next with this growth.  I know the stubble cut seems to be big with millennials, but how does a 90/10 grey to black ratio look in that style.  Anyway, cast your vote for what I should do.  I may or may not take the advice of the general consensus, but, at the very least, I would appreciate the direction.





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