We recently learned that a movie theater in Spain built a jungle gym play area for kids inside their actual screening room.

Not the are outside, not the lobby, and not even on the roof. (which would still be a better idea)

You can see the story by clicking here, but you don't need to see pictures to know this is a waste of time.

Obviously (Hopefully) they will probably be exclusively showing kids movies in that particular theater, but could we just teach our kids that when we pay to see a movie, we get them to sit still for an hour and a half to enjoy the story we shelled out our hard earned cash for?

Could you imagine trying to watch the latest installment of the Jason Bourne franchise with kids screaming next to you? Some of the new parents of the world already know what this is like, but that's what babysitters are for, and now date night won't even save you from the sound of crying toddlers.

And I get it ... The theater industry is hurting now that people have their own personal entertainment rooms, and movies on demand, and whatnot, but to just have kids swinging from bars and screaming during a movie is a bit ridiculous.

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