When you find your favorite place to eat, you get attached. Some of these places were at one time the heart and soul of eating out in Lufkin. I'm sure you can think of a ton more to add to the list.

  • Shoney's


    I think everyone remembers eating out there and pulling a sucker off of the sucker tree before leaving. I don't really remember the food as being all that great. But I know it was a solid contender on the list of places to eat out, but apparently not for enough people.  Luckily if you do miss that food and it's tastes, you can still find the restaurant chain all over.

  • K-Bobs Company
    K-Bobs Company

    K-Bob's Steak House

    Now this was the place. I remember the Salad Wagon for sure. They always had great steaks and the western theme really got people thinking about a big juicy steak. We would hit this place on the reg after church. Luckily like some of the offerings on this list, there are still K-Bob's out there in Texas, I saw one on a recent vacation and really wanted to stop!

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    Fire Burger

    There are so many feels about this one. This one really cuts deep,  due to their recent departure. Not many places can do great street taco's and burgers. I know my personal favorite the Oreo Shake, will be missed. Sadly this was a Lufkin original. So if you want some of this yummy you might have to just dream.

  • Photo Abb Grumbles
    Photo Abb Grumbles

    The Kettle Pancake House

    This was the place to go after late night jam sessions back in the 90's. They were open all night and we would hang out and just drink coffee. They tolerate us luckily. Their might be a few Kettle Restaurants left out there. Just seems like they are very hard to find.

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    Fuller's Buffet

    This was a tragic day in my life. The people that owned this and worked there were like family. They were the only restaurant that was within walking distance from the station. I remember walking over there with co-workers many times to enjoy fried chicken steak. It was always a little slower walking back. I hear they still do catering, but that is some old information.

    UPDATE: Fuller's is still catering! You can reach them at 936-465-4245 Katrina Or 936 -676-2399 Richard

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