Quite a few football players born in Texas have either scored or thrown a touchdown in a Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City), NIck Foles (Philadelphia), Drew Brees (New Orleans), and Thurman Thomas (Buffalo) are a few that come to mind.

There's Always a First Time

But, there had to be a first. Who scored the first Super Bowl touchdown?

Some football purists may argue that didn't happen until 1970 when the name 'Super Bowl' was given to the final championship game of the season. However, the championship games dating back to 1967 were retrofitted with the corresponding numerals.

With that as a backdrop, Super Bowl I was played in 1967 in Los Angeles. Green Bay was taking on the Kansas City Chiefs. The very first touchdown of the game happened on a one-handed behind-the-back catch by Max McGee. He added a second later in the game.

34-year-old NFL veteran Max McGee was born in Overton, Texas, and played high school football for the Roughnecks of White Oak, located a few miles outside Longview.

DON'T Put Me In Coach

The story of Max McGee's unlikely participation and huge success in Super Bowl I has become quite a legend throughout NFL history. To appreciate this tale, you must go back to the night before the game.

McGee apparently had a reputation for breaking curfew and partying, which is exactly what he did after bed check the night before the game. He didn't get back to the hotel until daybreak and he was not feeling too great when it came to game time.

In fact, the story goes that McGee told the first-string receiver to not get injured so that he could just sit on the bench and recover. On the first offensive series of the game, that receiver badly hurt his shoulder, and McGee, pounding head and turning stomach, would play the rest of the game.

(caution...brief NSFW language in video)

He Should Have Been the MVP

Max McGee had the game of a lifetime. He caught 7 passes for 138 yards and two touchdowns as the Packers defeated the Chiefs, 35-10.

Eventual Hall of Famer Bart Starr was named the first Super Bowl MVP, but many believe McGee should have taken that honor.

McGee passed away in 2007 at the age of 75.

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