We've been told for a few years now that H-E-B would be making it's way back into Nacogdoches. Yes, I know that there's one in Lufkin, but since I live in Nac, it would be far more convenient to have one there.

Well, I think it's time to make that happen. That's my personal opinion. So, I did what everybody else is doing these days. I took that opinion, and posted it on social media. I just voiced that I thought we should put aside our differences and come to the conclusion that Nacogdoches should bring H-E-B back. I mean, it was already there once, so why not just bring it back?

I got some feedback from different friends and acquaintances of mine, all who seemed to be in support of my "grocery store worthy cause". But what I wasn't expecting was the response on Twitter that I received. You can see the exchange below:


That's right, that's the blue check mark, VERIFIED H-E-B account that replied back to me directly. So, if the H-E-B process gets sped up, you can send your thanks to me. If it doesn't, for some reason, please DON'T contact me, because it's not my fault.

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