Austin is quickly becoming a cultural hub for all of Texas. Most everyone knows someone that is from East Texas that lives there. So ask them for a spare bedroom and head out to the Austin Food and Wine Festival April 27th.

Going to Austin is the easy part, just get to Crockett and get it done. From East Texas to a very interesting big city in 3-4 hours is irresistible to most. But once you get there, planning what to do is a bit of a chore. There are always lots of things going on, so picking something that is for you, might be hard.

Roasted meat with tomatoes and mushrooms on a white plate
KazanovskyAndrey, ThinkStock Images

Everyone loves food, if you also love wine, this is a great event to take someone too. You will seem like you have the inside track on the culture and situations going on in Austin. Just try to stay on the feeders in downtown on 35, traffic gets kinda hectic.

Be prepared for hands-on grilling demos, wine, and lots of tastings. They like to keep it local, so not only will there be chefs from all over, there will be chefs from the Austin culinary scene, showing their skills.

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