You've seen a lot of posts on websites and social media that show you beautiful homes and gorgeous properties that are on the market. Quite often, the digital contributors from our company will show off some of those listings in the East Texas area. In fact, here's an example.

I guess you could call it a form of window shopping. It's a home and land that's listed somewhere above $1 million. You know you can't afford it, but it doesn't hurt to look at the marble fireplace inside the 15,000-square-foot master bedroom. Oh, and the walk-in pantry that's larger than the four-car garage is a nice added touch.

The Other End of the Spectrum

What about taking a look at homes that need a little, a lotta tender, loving care? In today's housing market finding a nearly 4,000 square feet home for under $300,000 is a fantasy.

What if I told you there's one available for under $60,000?

Jonathan Martin - RE/MAX Tyler,
Jonathan Martin - RE/MAX Tyler,

Yes, this historic 4 bedroom/2 bath home with a huge yard and close proximity to downtown Nacogdoches can be yours for $57,500. What's the catch?

Hmmm, catch is not really the word you're looking for.  Fixer Upper...yeah, those are the words.

I have done some searching at to seek out some of the least expensive home listings in the Pineywoods. I'm sure there are plenty of homes cheaper than what I've listed below, but these are three of the lowest-priced homes I could find. One is in Lufkin, Nacogdoches, and the other is in Livingston, Texas.

Cheapest Home Listings in Deep East Texas - August 2023

Looking for a fixer-upper? Here are some of the cheapest home listings that are available in the Pineywoods as of August 2023. One each in Lufkin, Nacogdoches, and Livingston, Texas

MLB Star Selling Home in Houston, Texas

Take a look inside the home of MLB All-Star. He just listed the home for sale with the asking price of $1.6 million dollars.

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