This Mother's Day, KICKS 105 and Badders Law Firm asked folks to submit some kind words about their mom in order to get them entered in our Mother's Day Giveaway.  Every mom was deserving of our grand prize which is why we used a random drawing to choose the winner.  Congratulations to April Holbrook of Nacogdoches whose kids Hunter and Hollie each submitted some wonderful things about their mother.

We asked all those who submitted entries if we could use what they said about their mom in this website post.  From those who agreed, we offering this sampling:

My mom is special because she loves me and my little sister more than anything. She is either at work, playing with us or taking me to my practices or games. She takes care of our horses, dogs, and cats. She always comes to all of our school programs and supports us in all I do. My Mom’s name is Elisha.

Our mom’s name is Kim and she is a very special mom. What makes her special is her heart. She always tries her best to make everything work out for us even if it means that she may go without something. We live in Nacogdoches and she has two twin daughters in college. One of us goes to SFA and the other goes to Angelina. She makes sure that we both have a mode of transportation to get to school, even if it means giving up her car. She gives up so much for us. When it came to growing up, there were so many circumstances that could have required our family to move, but she worked it out to where we didn’t have to give up the friends we had made. She’s our number one cheerleader and has encouraged us to find out who we are and to chase after our dreams. She’s also a teacher in Nacogdoches and she has also become like a mother to her students There is so much we could say as to why she deserves this, but overall, she has become an example of the kind of mothers we hope to be in the future.

My mom works really hard and she deserves the best Mother’s Day ever. My mom’s cooking taste so wonderful! She always does laundry for me. She always cleans around the house. She buys me a lot of clothes from Justice and they’re expensive! Me and my brother Hunter like to go to different places to eat so goes to both. She’s really funny! She listens to my jokes and laughs at it. She’s a really supportive mother. She’s the best mom anyone could ever have! That’s I why want my mom to have a good Mother’s Day ever.

Hi, my name is Hunter, I am 13years old, I go to Wells Jr. High, and I live with a family of four. All of them are my sister, my dad, my mom, and me. My mom’s name is April  and she’s the best mom ever because when me and my sister don’t know how to do something our mom never says figure it out, she helps us understand it better. Most of the time when she asks us to do stuff we do it because we think about all the things she has done for us. My mom (in my opinion) does too much for us because she tries not to spoil us, but she does it anyways. So for all the stuff she has done to us and all the times she has spoiled us I want to return the favor.

My mom, always goes to whatever length she has to in order to help me and her grandchildren. A few months ago I had to go out of town for work and she drove all the way down from Kansas to keep them for me so I didn’t miss the training I had for work. She is there at the drop of the hat if I need here and I couldn’t ask for a better one! God has truly blessed me with the best bonus mom ever!

My mom is simply a jewel! Regardless of what may be going on around her, she always makes a point to put my dad, myself, my husband and our daughter first. Recently my dad has been battling cancer and she has been right there supporting, encouraging and loving him with all that she has and all that she is. And as if that wasn’t enough to bear, she lost both of her dogs to unrelated illnesses. Still, through it all, she managed to find the strength to move forward, continuing to praise God through the storms and always be the loving mother that we needed her to be. She has never lost sight of the truth- that God is in control and continues to allow Him to work in and through her to touch our lives in such a sincere way. My mom is simply a jewel, a rare find and one that we will always cherish. We love you to the moon and back Mom. Happy Mothers Day!

My mother, Adell, is the kind of mother I would have chosen for myself if I had been given the choice. She has always been a stay-at-home mother and a farmer/rancher’s wife, making her husband, myself and four siblings her #1 priorities. When we were growing up, she cooked three full meals a day, fresh off the farm, utilizing the fruits of her labors and produce from her extensive vegetable garden that she worked in tirelessly to provide for us. She canned vegetables and made jams and jellies, often traveling all over the county to find wild fruit so that we could have these treats year-round. Everyday coming in from school, we could smell the heavenly aroma of supper cooking on the stove. Certain smells take me back to those days of coming home famished and knowing that supper was on the way.

Coming from a large family herself, as well as my father, we always had one of their siblings staying with us, because in addition to caring for us, they also looked out for their families. She took it all in stride. In addition to, in my opinion, being the best homemaker in the county, she made time for fun. She would search out fun things to do that didn’t cost money, as we were on a watermelon farmer’s salary with not much money coming in until harvest time. My bank of memories is rich in past adventures that were more fun than anything money can buy. Swinging on grapevines over the creek & ice skating on frozen ponds are two pastimes that come to mind, among a host of others, such as fishing, arrowhead & Indian pottery hunting & berry picking. She is a fine Christian woman, is blessed among mothers and I am so very thankful that she is mine.

I nominate Kristen as the Best Mom ever! She loves my grandchildren as if they were her own and makes certain they each feel special, loved and wanted. How blessed we are to have her in our lives! Each day she manages to get two sets of twins and a 6 yr old and a 4 year old up and going. My soon to be daughter in law and my hero!

It is no secret that everyone thinks that they have the best mom ever and well, they do. They are the best mom for their kids because that is how God intended it to be. My Mom, well my mom is pretty special too. While she did not give birth and never would because of medical problems since childhood, me and my sisters were blessed the day my Dad happened to meet her and they fell in love.  She became our mom in the best way that she could and we sure didn’t make it easy. To this day and since we first met her, she is the hardest working woman I have ever met aside from my Granny and she is still going strong. She still fights health issues and if you have ever heard the saying that nurses make the worst patients, that is true. She deserves a break like no other and I would hope to give it to her this Mother’s Day. Her name is Tina and she is the best mom 3 girls could have ever asked for. Thank you for this opportunity to honor my mom.

My mom’s name is Karla. She deserves this mother’s day giveaway because she is willing to do just about anything for anyone, and she is one of the most caring & compassionate women I know. She takes care of her family through thick and thin and works hard for what she has. She is strong, loving, smart, understanding, supportive, & I am so thankful to have her in our lives.

My mom, Dawn, is one of the greatest women that I have ever known, she is strong, caring and selfless.  She sacrifices so much to take care of her family.  When I was younger, she not only took care of me, my siblings and my stepdad, she also took care of her parents and worked out of town full time and never complaining.  She has always been that mom that makes all of our sporting events, school related activities and family events, even though she travels for work.  She has always made certain that we know that we are first and foremost in her life and always makes certain that we know that we are loved.  My mother sacrifices so much to make certain that we have everything that we need to succeed in life and often goes without in order to keep us from having to sacrifice.  She has been through a great deal in her life, but has never not gotten back up to take care of everyone.  I could not imagine my life without her and would not be the person that I am today if not for her.

If I had to choose one word to describe my mom, it would definitely be “selfless”. Throughout 25 years of raising myself, my 3 siblings, and being a grandma to one more, she has always put herself second and been there to play the exact role that we needed; whether that be a protector, a teacher, or just a best friend. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her and can’t express enough how much I love her. She deserves to be celebrated every day but especially on this one. Happy Mother’s Day, mom. Her Name is Tressa. Her Occupation: Teacher at elementary school.

My mom’s name is Leslie. She is a beautiful person inside and out. I will be forever grateful for everything she has ever done for me, and all of the lessons she has taught me growing up. She is smart, compassionate, loving, and strong. Although my mom was quite worried about my future during my teenage years, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She has set such a great example for me and always encourages me to thrive for success. I just want to say thanks to my mom for her unconditional love and inspiration.

My name is Patti and I would like to nominate the most deserving Mother I know, my daughter, Kelsey. Kelsey is a 26 year old beautiful Christian woman that has gone through more in her short life than most people twice her age.  When she got pregnant 9 years ago with my first grandbaby she became asthmatic, lost her sense of smell and began having chronic sinus problems.  She was having to do breathing treatments several times a day as well as use her inhaler. She never complained once.  A few years ago she was rushed to the hospital with kidney stones and found out she has type 1 diabetic.  She never complained. A few years ago she married her husband Doug and they had a beautiful baby girl who is now two.  Doug had a 10 year old son and Kelsey took him in as her own.  She is a wonderful caring wife and an amazing Mother to the three children. Kelsey is the President of our Women’s Group at Shepherd United Methodist Church.  She also sings in the Church Choir.  She is so alive and brings such joy to any one she meets.  She goes out of her way to help anyone she runs in to. A few weeks ago, Doug called me telling me that something was wrong with Kelsey.  I thought her sugar may have dropped low but he said no that she couldn’t breathe and he had to perform CPR on her as he waited for the ambulance to arrive.  My heart dropped.  She was intubated and life-flighted to Conroe Regional where she was kept in a comatose state for several days. The outpour of prayers from complete strangers, co-workers, church members, family and friends all came together for her.  She woke up the forth day and we found out she had had an allergic reaction to ibuprophen. Kelsey is the strongest person I know.  She is happy to be alive and gives it all to God.  She loves her children so much and they adore her.  She always makes time to play with them, check homework, do fun activities and pray with them. This Mother’s Day I would like so much for her to get the recognition she so much deserves and winning this contest would certainly give her that and the much needed appreciation of being such a great Mother as well as an amazing woman.I would greatly appreciate you considering my baby girl as a WINNER!  I know I do!

Tiffiny is actually my wife but I am writing this for her children. Tiffiny is the mother of 3 children and grandmother of 1 (not counting step kids and grandkids she got when she married this guy) lol. Tiffiny is an amazing mother and has always been there and supported her children through good times and bad. She is an amazing wife, outstanding Mother and awesome Grandmother! This package would be such an amazing gift to her and would make this a Mother’s Day she would never forget. It would be such an amazing gift for an absolutely amazing and beautiful woman!

My Mom’s name is Judy. She is the mother of 3 children and has always been there to support all of us and encouraged us all to do what is right. My Mom could really use this package because she has always worked full time and also takes care of her husband (my step-dad) who has a form of ALS and is confined to a wheelchair and can not talk to do things for himself. She is not just an amazing mother, she is also an amazing wife and person in general. Winning this package would truly make her so happy and would give her a break she deserves so bad.

My mother, Sandra, is a very special lady who deserves all that you are offering and more. She was a young mother that had three kids too close together. She struggled daily with depression and drug addiction. She spent several years without her family, due to her choices, but now she has overcome the past and is the best mother and grandmother we could’ve asked for. It took a long, hard time to work out a relationship with us and we discovered that great mothers are not born, they are made. She is the anchor that keeps us all grounded as we grow and change. She has earned a very special mother’s day.


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