crunches numbers and reviews to produce rankings.

Rankings of What?

They specialize in analyzing the data for colleges, graduate schools, grade schools, places to live and raise a family, and places to work. They somehow process these numbers and reviews to produce a best-of list.

Do these rankings reflect a true picture of the best schools, teachers, etc...? I would say partially, yes, but in the case of ranking schools and teachers and cities, there's much more to them than just crunching numbers and some reviews.

We Love Our Teachers

Teachers are overworked, underpaid, and under-appreciated. Yet, almost every teacher I know would lay down their life to save the students that they have come to know and love.

That's something that doesn't show up in the numbers of these companies such as But, it's still nice when a ranker such as this one gives some appreciation to teachers. So, let's check out these results.

Before We Start

We are going to take a look at several rankings - The best public school teachers for elementary, junior high/middle school, and high schools throughout Texas. We will recognize those schools that ranked in the top 20% of the state.

For some reason, some schools and school districts were not given numbers as to where they numerically ranked. Many of those schools were within Lufkin ISD and many of those schools' teachers received an A or B grade (well within the top 20% by comparison).

So, my apologies in advance for not including a number of Lufkin ISD schools in the numerical rankings, but I'm just going with what was offered by

Top Public Elementary Schools with the Best Teachers in Texas

A total of 4,541 elementary schools and their teachers in Texas were ranked, and number one on the list is a school right here in the Pineywoods! Congratulations to the staff and faculty at the Stephen F. Austin State University Charter School in Nacogdoches.

SFA Charter School via Facebook
SFA Charter School via Facebook

Also, a big shout out to Sarah Strinden Elementary School at Pineywoods Community Academy. Their teachers ranked 15th out of 4541, that's easily in the top 1% in the state of Texas.

Ranking in the top 2% in Texas includes the teachers at Vista Academy in Jasper (77 out of 4541) and Bonner Elementary in Hudson (108 out of 4541). Cushing (255/4541) and Onalaska (263/4541) were in the top 6% statewide.

Among the other schools that were given numerical rankings, the teachers at Central Heights, Brookeland, Woden, and Joaquin all finished in the top 20% in Texas.

Top Public Middle Schools with the Best Teachers in Texas

According to, the teachers at two middle schools scored in the top 1% in Texas...Hudson Middle School (17 out of 2157) and Vista Academy in Jasper (33 out of 2157).

HMS Facebook
HMS Facebook

The teachers at Woden Junior High scored in the top 8% (167/2157). Other schools in the top 20% included Huntington, Central Heights, Dr. Terry Robbins at PCA, and Elkhart.

Top Public High Schools with the Best Teachers in Texas

When it comes to their high school rankings, ranked the teachers at Hudson in the top 2% statewide (36 out of 1787). Pineywoods Community Academy High School teachers were in the top 3% in Texas (54 out of 1787).

Hudson FB
Hudson FB
Lufkin Chamber FB
Lufkin Chamber FB

The teachers at Chireno High School ranked in the top 7% statewide (126 out of 1787), while Lovelady was in the top 10% (180 out of 1787).

Others in the top 20% in Texas included Brookeland, Woodville, Douglass, Zavalla, Cushing, Timpson, Central Heights, and Tenaha.

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