Here’s some news that’s bigger than Americans’ ever-growing waistlines.

A new study from the United Nations gives the skinny on obesity around the globe and concludes that the US is no longer the world’s heaviest developed nation.

That honor now falls to our pudgy neighbors to the south, Mexico, with 32.8% of adults there over the age of 20 considered to be obese. The US dipped to second, with 31.8%. So, come on America – let’s celebrate with a meal that can almost single-handedly get us back to the top spot.

At the other and lighter end of the spectrum, Japan proves that sushi does a body good. That nation is the thinnest in the world, with only four-and-a-half percent of its citizens suffering from obesity.

Here’s a look at the 10 most obese developed nations, along with the percentage of people suffering from obesity:

1. Mexico – 32.8%
United States – 31.8%
Syria – 31.6%
(tie) Venezuela – 30.8%
(tie) Libya – 30.8%
Trinidad & Tobago – 30%
Vanuatu – 29.8%
(tie) Iraq – 29.4%
(tie) Argentina – 29.4%
Turkey – 29.3%

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