What is The Deadliest Disease On Our Planet?

This disease is virtually 100% fatal to humans once symptoms start to appear. Yet, this disease is virtually 100% curable if its vaccine is administered within 10 days of exposure to the disease.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you answered the question with -- rabies.

How is rabies transmitted to humans?

In Texas, numerous animals are able to transmit the disease to humans. Many will correctly name four-legged animals such as dogs and cats, skunks, wolves, and raccoons that can carry the disease, but there have been instances of foxes and cows. Let's also not forget one of the top carriers in Texas -- bats.

That's why it is imperative that you keep your dogs and cats updated on their rabies vaccines, and why you should immediately seek out medical help if bitten by an animal, especially one exhibiting questionable behavior.

Top Texas Counties

Every year, the Texas Department of State Health Services keeps tabs on the number of laboratory-confirmed cases of rabies in animals. When it comes to sheer numbers, central Texas usually leads the Lone Star State, and 2023 is no exception.

Texas Department of State Health Services
Texas Department of State Health Services

The county in the red is Travis County (Austin, Texas), with Williamson County to the north, and Hays County to the south, reporting 6-11 confirmed cases thus far in 2023.

Why do these areas lead in the number of confirmed cases in animals? It's because of the high concentration of bats in those regions. Almost every confirmed case in those three counties was from bats.

What About East Texas?

Closer to home, there has only been one confirmed case in each of the following counties:

  • Angelina (bat)
  • Shelby (skunk)
  • Van Zandt (skunk)
  • Rains (bovine)
  • Wood (skunk)
  • Rusk (bat)
  • Gregg (bat)
  • Upshur - 2 (bat and bovine)

As mentioned earlier, rabies can be easily cured or prevented with proper vaccinations and prompt medical attention. Find out more about rabies here.

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