Fifteen winners of $1,000 each, that's a pretty good start for week one the KICKS 105 $10,000 Stimulus Package.  Every weekday, listen for the code words at 7:20 am, 11:20 am, and 3:20 pm.  Then, enter each word here for your shot to win.  Each word is guaranteed to produce a $1,000 winner.

Plus, every word you enter will gain you another entry into the grand prize drawing for $10,000 Cash!  We hope to placing your picture up here soon.

Congratulations to these Cash winners:

  • Kara Jezeski (pictured top right)
  • Jennifer Washington (top left)
  • Bill Showers
  • Nicole Enos (bottom left)
  • Kelly King (top middle left)
  • Barbara Grindle (top middle right)
  • Danielle Burditt (bottom middle right)
  • DeAnna Oakes (bottom right)
  • Debbie Watson (bottom middle left)
  • Hassan Zarghona
  • Peter Walker
  • David Lopez
  • Ashley Gilbertson
  • Gabe Hancks
  • Jillian Cobler
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