During the pandemic I did a 5-day juice cleanse. The cleanse was an interesting feat, as it was a challenge not eating that many days in a row.

The hard part was finding the juices to do the cleanse with. Having big bottles of heavy juice shipped from larger nearby towns was not super convenient.

Now we can get even higher-quality organic juice in Lufkin. Just find the SA Juice stand at Fitt Life or Gains & Glory.

Who Owns The Juice Truck In Lufkin, Texas 

The owner and only employee is Tiffany Brooks Rauch. She recently moved here from Guymon, Oklahoma with her husband and two young sons.

The S and A in SA Juice are the first initials of her son's names. I found the truck on Instagram and was intrigued, so I had to stop by.

Tiffany started out with just a lemonade stand and now she has graduated to a full-sized food trailer. It started life as a taco stand, and now it's living a much cleaner lifestyle.

Where To Get A Plant-Based Quick Lunch In Lufkin, Texas

SA Juice is not only about juices. They offer a rotating menu of plant-based salads and a vegan donut that will cure your sweet tooth in a more healthful way.

The Thai Salad with the peanut dressing that I had was amazing. I also love their Holy Crap shots, and I completed their one-day juice cleanse.

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Everything I have gotten from her is amazing. To try it for yourself find sajuicejuicery on Instagram or SA Juice on Facebook.

There are never any animal products in the trailer. It will always be that way to keep cross-contamination away, while making your juices from real organic produce.

There are a few health-conscious individuals in the Lufkin area, and I think the food truck will do well. Take a look at the truck and all the great things they offer in the photo gallery below.

Go Green WIth The SA Juice Truck In Lufkin, Texas

The green on the outside of this food trailer might clue you in on all the amazing drinks and good for you salads and treats.

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