On Saturday, May 6th from 10 am to 2 pm, Wendy's Misfits will offer to wash your car AND YOUR DOG!

It's all happening at the O' Reilly Auto Parts next to Car Marat on the Northern part of Timberland in Lufkin.

These folks have a lot of experience with washing dogs, so you can rest assured, your K-9 friend will be in good hands.

I'm sure they'll do an amazing job drying your furry pals off before you end up having to drive home with 'em. Even a clean wet dog is still a wet dog, and Wendy and her team will do a great job.

This is off the heels of their fundraiser week, raising money and awareness for the abandoned pets in our community.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

We did have a recent storm that might have caused mud to get on either your dog or car, so bring them babies down to O'Reilly Auto Parts and make sure your money is at least going to a good cause.

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