Texas Transportation Commissioners met Tuesday in Austin and approved more than $38.3 million for the Lufkin District. In addition, maintenance contracts were approved  with more than $1.4 million set for the Lufkin District.

The appropriations of those funds are listed below with the lion's share going for a major project in the Livingston area.

Polk County was approved for a $27.5 million construction project on US 190 that will include intersection improvements consisting of right and left turn lanes from the Livingston city limits to 4 miles west near FM 1276.

Houston County was approved for a $4.5 million construction project on FM 2022. The project is designed to widen the roadway with shoulders from FM 2423 to FM 2663.

Angelina County was approved for a $934,763 construction project designed to add pedestrian infrastructure/sidewalks on BU 59/Timberland Drive from Denman Avenue and continuing to north of Forest Park Boulevard.

A $4.1 million construction project was approved for various locations in the Lufkin District that is designed to construct pedestrian infrastructure/sidewalks and curb ramps. Locations for the sidewalk construction will be in Nacogdoches County on FM 1878/East Starr Avenue from near Clark Boulevard to near Cardinal Street; in Angelina County on North Medford Drive/US 59 from East Lufkin Avenue to Atkinson Drive; in the city of Huntington on US 69 from near South 1st Street to Avenue A; in Houston County in the city of Crockett on East Goliad Avenue/SH 7 from near 12th Street to SL 304.

A $963,892.20 construction project was approved that is designed for the construction and installation of dynamic message systems/signage that will enhance safety in various locations along US 59 in the Lufkin District and will include locations in Polk, San Jacinto and Nacogdoches counties.

The construction and installation of flashing beacons were approved for four locations in Polk and Nacogdoches counties. The beacons will be placed at FM 3126 at FM 1988, and FM 1276 at FM 943 in Polk County; FM 2609 at SL 224, and FM 2713 at SH 7 East in Nacogdoches County. The cost of this project is $261,129.47 project.

A $1.4 million maintenance contract was approved for mill and inlay in various locations in the Lufkin District. Locations include Angelina County on SL 287 frontage roads near SH 94, BU 59 and FM 3482 near Whitehouse Drive; Nacogdoches County on BU 59 near Creekbend Boulevard; Shelby County on FM 699, and US 59 in Center; and Sabine County on FM 1 near Pineland Elementary School.

No time lines for completion of the projects have been released.


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