A large, uncontained grass fire continues to burn between Autumn Lakes subdivision and FM 706 in Hudson. The latest update from the Texas A&M Forest Service indicates a 5-acre fire with 0% containment.

Texas A&M Forest Service
Texas A&M Forest Service

The Angelina County Sheriff's Office issued the following statement on their Facebook Page:

Hudson Safety Alert - Roper Road and back end of Autumn Lake area: a large fire off Penn-Bonner Road has moved into the woods moving toward far ends of Roper Road and the back side of Autumn Lake. Nearly all VFD depts are on scene as well as bulldozers from the forest service. Aircraft are monitoring the fire movement and helping to direct ground crews. Aerial fire teams have been notified and water drops are in the works. Sheriff Dept and DPS troopers are in the area assisting. Avoid these areas so first responders and residents can move in these areas. Further info to follow if/when necessary.

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