Ever tried to shoot an armadillo?  It may not be the best idea.

A man in Linden tried to shoot an armadillo last week, and in the process got hit with a bullet himself.

Maybe that tough hide on the armadillo isn't to be messed with?  This man must have thought he was going to get that pesky critter, and it turns out the bullet bounced right off the armadillo and came back and hit him in the head.

And just in April there was an incident in Georgia where a guy shot an armadillo, and the bullet ricocheted off that hard shell and hit his mother-in-law and wounded her. Hmm.  We've heard of not liking the in-laws but there's no need to put an armadillo in the middle of it.  (Kidding.)

I had a neighbor once that trapped armadillos that came into our yards and moved them to another location to get rid of them.  Maybe that's the way to go, since there's no risk of getting nailed by a ricocheting bullet that way.

Those things are tough!  Unless they're on a highway. Then they're roadkill.  That's one way to get 'em.

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