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Love Has No Time Limit

This morning, I came across an email that touched my heart. It is the true-life story of a romance that has blossomed in Lufkin, Texas. An enchanting relationship that has been some 70+ years in the making.

Back to the 1940s

According to this narrative from Bell PR and Marketing, the story starts many years ago when Rena English was a bride and C.L. Beck was the best man at her wedding. English was marrying Beck’s best friend. The “I do’s” were said, the cake was cut and life began for a young couple.

Rena and her husband embarked on a lifetime of memories and adventures together. However, after seven decades, Rena's husband was called home to a higher calling.

Rena English found herself single again enduring a solitude and loneliness that she had not known for well over half a century. She was now living at PineCrest Retirement Community in Lufkin. Soon, though, she would have an unexpected visitor.

An Old Friend Moves into PineCrest

C.L. Beck, the man who was her husband's best man at their wedding moved into the retirement community.

“When C.L. moved in, everything changed,” English recalled. “I think we’ve spent every day together since.”

Beck, a widower himself, wasn’t at all excited about the prospect of leaving his home to move to a retirement community – until he learned that Rena English was residing at PineCrest.

“I thought, ‘now there’s someone I haven’t seen in many years’,” Beck remembered. “There was an instant connection. She saved my life, she really did.”

Beck, who is celebrating his 100th birthday this week, said the romance that bloomed between him and English has brought new purpose to his life. She agreed.

“He makes me laugh,” English smiled. “He says I keep him in line, but I don’t know about that. He’s still ornery.”

The couple has the blessing of their children, who think it’s wonderful that their parents have found love, friendship, and a new purpose so late in life.

Methodist Retirement Communities
Methodist Retirement Communities

Take a deeper look into their story as they describe their courtship in their own words.



I'm not sure why, but every time I read their story I can't help but hear this song in my head.

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