T. Graham Brown is Coming to Lufkin

Thursday, September 14, this legendary singer will be making a concert stop at the historic Pines Theater in downtown Lufkin.

With 15 studio albums and more than 35 chart-topping singles, he has made an indelible mark on the music industry since 1986.

Country and Soul Come Together

Brown was raised in Athens, Georgia where he acquired a love of soul and R&B music. He brought that love and that style of singing to Nashville around 40 years ago.

Record executives recognized his talent, and they knew his unique presentation could be one that stood out from the country crowd. You can definitely hear his brand of 1960s R&B in his delivery, and it struck a chord with many fans.

His hits like “I Tell It Like It Used To Be,” “Hell and High Water,” "Darlene," and “Wine Into Water” are just a few of the classics that have been enjoyed by fans worldwide.

He'll be performing many of his country hits at The Pines, and chances are pretty good that he will treat the audience to some covers of songs from Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett.

Don't be surprised if he starts singing the Taco Bell jingle from the 1980s. Yup, that was T. Graham Brown who was featured in that marketing campaign.

Concert Details

Tickets are still available for the show on September 14. Prices range from $42-$52. The Pines Theater is located in downtown Lufkin on South First Street. You can get more details and tickets here.

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