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Blue Bell Comes Up With Camo Flavor
There are three main flavors that make up the new Camo 'n Cream offering that our neighbors in Brenham have come up with.  Any guess what the green, white, and brown ice cream flavors are?  And better yet, do they go together?
What Flavor will be First?
Please say it's Moo-llennium Crunch!  But it's not.  Blue Bell has started making ice cream again, and they've announced which flavor will be first to hit shelves next week.
Blue Bell is Ba-a-a-ack!.. Almost
Well, it's cleared to resume production. WFAA in Dallas is reporting the the delicious ice cream has has been given the all-clear to produce ice cream again at its Sylacauga, Ala., plant.
When Is The Blue Bell Coming Back?
Blue Bell voluntarily took its ice cream off the shelves because of worries over listeria, and with summer coming up ice cream junkies are wondering when the Fudge Brownie Nut and other addictive flavors are coming back.
All products pulled
Over the past few weeks, we've been hearing about recalls of selected Blue Bell products, primarily from those coming from a plant in Oklahoma.  Monday, officials at Blue Bell's headquarters in Brenham, TX made the announcement that they are voluntarily recalling all of their products…