It turns out that fishing trip to Lake Sam Rayburn does more than give you an opportunity to hang out with friends, drink beer, and catch food. Being close to nature helps us live longer, and women benefit the most. Here's why.

CNN says living near nature is linked to better health and longer lives, especially in women.  Because they didn't include men in the study!  They said if guys had been included, they would expect similar results. Apparently East Texans are going to live for a really long time with the good lakes and fishing holes and swimming holes, the Piney Woods, and that well-manicured yard that you have.

The city dwellers like those in New York and San Francisco are locked in by buildings, and sometimes smog, but those of us out here in the middle of the country have increased opportunities to get out into the fresh air and for social engagement, we're more active, and we have less exposure to pollution, according to the study.

Texas has a good mix of city-dwelling and wide-open space it seems. And great barbecue and Mexican food, and Shiner... the goodness just keeps coming.

Go breathe in some Wisteria and Bluebonnets guys, so you can live just as long as us girls!

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