It happens to me several times a week to me, a call on my phone that shows the words 'Spam Risk'. Every once in a while, I'll even get a text or email that comes from a seemingly official-looking source asking me to verify a recent log-in or ask how a recent purchase experience went.

These modern scammers are sly. They will address you by name, they will use the logo of your company, and they will even try to appear as relatives or friends.

The Following Happened to My Co-Worker

My morning show co-host, Sean, showed me a text that he had received.  It appeared to genuinely be from his church pastor.

Contributed Text
Contributed Text

Sean didn't recognize the number as that from his pastor, but the text addressed him by his name and maybe the priest was using a different phone. So, Sean responded.

Then, this was the follow-up text.


This last text made it obvious that a scammer was at work. Any type of correspondence that asks for money through some sort of gift card is going to be a scam.

This particular scam involved folks in Polk County, but the phone number originated from the Los Angeles area.

Be Wary

If you fall victim to a scam, the chances of getting your money back are not very good.  That's why it is imperative that you stay away from clicking links from digital sources unless you are 100% certain that it is safe to do so.

In my book, scammers that try to steal money and goods from others, especially the elderly or compromised, are some of the lowest forms of criminals on this planet. I know the Lord says that 'vengeance is mine,' but I would love to be around when some of that vengeance is doled out, especially when someone is maliciously trying to pose as one of the Lord's shepherds.

Just be aware that even if you get a personally addressed text or email from a family member, friend, or person of the cloth, and something is just not adding up, chances are it's not who they say they are.

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