Over the past few weeks, we've been hearing about recalls of selected Blue Bell products, primarily from those coming from a plant in Oklahoma.  Monday, officials at Blue Bell's headquarters in Brenham, TX made the announcement that they are voluntarily recalling all of their products.  According to a press release from Blue Bell's website, extensive testing conducted by Blue Bell revealed positive tests for Listeria which now means Blue Bell has now had several positive tests for Listeria in different places and plants.

On a personal note, I know this is a scary and serious situation which has already cost a few people their lives, but I do commend Blue Bell on their extended and enhanced testing and their transparency throughout this whole ordeal.  I look forward to purchasing Blue Bell products again when the all clear has been given.

Brookshire Brothers which has numerous grocery outlets and is headquartered in Lufkin has issued the following statement:

"Our Blue Bell representative contacted us early Monday evening and Brookshire Brothers began pulling product from the shelf.  On behalf of our family of brands and more than 150 retail operations we are complying with the Blue Bell recall.  Any customers with affected Blue Bell product please bring it to the store with a receipt for a full refund."