A Brookshire Brothers Express customer is ‘in the money’ following Wednesday night’s POWERBALL drawing! 

The customer at the Central Heights location at 9855 US Highway 259 (formerly Polk Pick It Up #11) chose 5 of 5 correct numbers to win $1,000,000. The winner sweetened the deal by also purchasing a $1 Power Play feature which increased the winning amount to $2,000,000!

The winning numbers were 30-49-54-66-69.  The Powerball number which was not matched was 8.  Matching the Powerball number along with the other 5 would have been worth $156 million.  There has been no word yet on who the winner is or whether or not he or she has made contact with Texas Lottery to claim the money.

Saturday's Powerball drawing will be worth an estimated $173 million.

The Brookshire Brothers Express location in Central Heights receives $20,000 (1% of the total) for selling the winning Powerball ticket.

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