New Texas Lottery Scratch Off Game

On March 4, the Texas Lottery introduced a new $3 scratch-off game. It's simply called 'Crossword'.

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

The amount that you win depends upon how many words you match with the letters scratched off. If you match 12 words, then you win the top prize of $50,000.

Within one week of the game being released, we have our first jackpot winner.

Angelina County Store Sells Winning Ticket

There are quite a few Big's Convenience Stores dotted across the east Texas landscape. A few days ago, one of them sold a $50,000 scratch-off ticket.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This Lufkin Big's Convenience Store is located at 3889 US Highway 69 North in Central. It's right across the highway from Massingils Meat Market.

On March 11, somebody claimed the first prize paid out by this new game. No details have been released about the winner's identity.

There's More Where That Came From

This new 'Crossword' game features 18 top prize payouts of $50,000, well, now that's down to 17.

If you match 11 words, the payout is $5,000. At last count, there are still 69 of those winning cards available.

The Growing List of East Texas Scratch-Off Winners

Over the past 12 months, there have been some life-changing scratch-off winners at stores across East Texas.

If you do come into some extra spending money, here are some ideas on how to spend it.

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