According to a press release from the Lufkin Independent School District, Virgina Sims, 2nd grader at Trout Primary, was honored Monday with an award for her bravery presented by the American Legion Auxiliary in Lufkin.  Virginia helped save her grandmother’s life in September by calling for help when her grandmother was having a stroke in the park where they were playing. For her efforts, the American Legion Auxiliary presented the Youth Hero Award to Virginia for “performing an act of bravery, courage and fortitude.”

When Virginia saw that her grandmother had collapsed she immediately got her grandmother’s phone and called her aunt for help. At first, her aunt hung up on her thinking it was a prank, however, Virginia called back and convinced her aunt to come to the park to help call 911.

Her grandmother was rushed to the hospital where she survived due in great part to the fast thinking and calm bravery of Virginia.