Christmas is a time to focus on love, hope and charity. A Lufkin fifth grader is checking all those boxes with a way to help others.

Fifth Coston Elementary Student Council President Emerson Villanueva is organizing a sock drive to provide socks for homeless and displaced people over the holidays.

 “I want to help others so the world will be a better place,” Emerson said. “People will feel more happy during their day because they know people gave them socks.”

Emerson got the idea from Communities in School Coordinator and Coston Elementary Student Council Sponsor Pandra Pleasant who previously worked at Hospice and the Burke Center. She knew firsthand the need for socks for the elderly and those who can’t afford new ones.

Several ideas of how to help the community were brought up in discussion, but the Coston Elementary Student Council voted and the sock drive won.

“The people who go to shelters number one need are socks,” Emerson said.

Emerson is not a new face to school politics; he was the vice president of the Coston Elementary Student Council last year. He loves science and doing experiments and wants to be an HEB cashier when he grows up.

“Accomplished,” Emerson said when asked how he will feel knowing he’s helping others. 

Emerson, Ms. Pleasant and Emerson’s mom will deliver the socks to Godtel Ministries on Dec. 12.

To donate socks, Emerson wants the community to know they can drop off socks at Coston Elementary at 707 Trenton Street, and he will get them delivered. For students at Coston, Emerson provided the following instructions.

“Buy socks. Put them in your backpack and there will be a box in your hallway to put them in,” Emerson said.

When asked his goal for how many pairs of socks he wants to give away, without hesitation, he said 250 pairs. 

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