It's NASCAR racing weekend at Texas Motor Speedway.  The Truck Series, Nationwide Series, and Sprint Cup Series will be featured this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

And, the Merrell in the Morning Show has one more shot to win tickets to all the races as well as VIP Pit Passes!  

Wednesday morning at 8:50, we'll be giving away this prize package on KICKS 105.  This is how you win.  Be caller number 50 at 936-639-5957 or 1-800-877-5957 and then correctly identify the NASCAR driver featured in the picture above (you only get one answer).  Do that and you'll win 4 tickets to each of the 3 races and 4 VIP Pit Passes for the weekend.

Is there a specific cue to call?  Nope...just listen for Danny Merrell and Sean Ericson to let you know when to call in.

Good luck!!

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