It should come as no surprise that a tick named after the state of Texas would have some one-of-a-kind characteristics.  But, I never suspected that a bite from the 'Lone Star' tick could bring about a side effect so cruel, it's hard for me to even mention it. 

According to a report, scientists are discovering that a bite from this tick could lead to a result of the most 'un-Texas' kind --- an allergy to meat.

Hundreds upon hundreds of reports have surfaced over the past couple of years of hamburger-loving Americans who can no longer eat meat without hives, rashes, nausea and more, thanks to our namesake tick.  What kind of morbid irony is this when a tick named after our great state could cause someone to never enjoy barbecue again?! I'm thinking the Russians must be involved.

I've never been that concerned about walks in the woods.  I know that some ticks can transmit Lyme Disease but usually that's curable and the person infected can go back to eating ribs, venison, and boudin once they're feeling better.  As far as I can tell, there is no treatment that reverses the effects of the Lone Star tick.  If you get bitten by one of those, be prepared to stock up on broccoli, carrots, and, dare I say it...tofu.

Next time I go in the woods, I'm wearing one of those beekeeper outfits and avoiding this...


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