The Clock is Ticking Down to January 25

That is the deadline.  More specifically, 5 pm on January 25, 2023, is the deadline. Somewhere in Texas, there are two Quick Pick lottery tickets that are each worth $1 million. However, that money becomes null and void unless properly claimed by the cut-off time just mentioned.

These two tickets were both purchased for the drawing of the July 29 Mega Millions jackpot. That historic $1.28 billion jackpot was the second largest in game history. One person, (not from Texas), matched the correct numbers to claim that huge cash prize. Two second-tier winning tickets worth $1 million each for that Mega Millions drawing remain unclaimed.

Where Were Those Million Dollar Quick Picks Purchased?

Those Quick Pick tickets matching the five numbers drawn (13-36-45-57-67) were purchased at RaceTrac #099, located at 1100 West Park Boulevard in Plano, and at Fuel Maxx #47, located at 420 University Drive in Prairie View.

Google Maps/Canva Graphics
Google Maps/Canva Graphics

Check Your Drawers...

...and anything else where old tickets could be. If you have ever been inside either of these two stores, check your wallet, your purse, and the dead zone in your car where all the french fries end up.

Do you know someone who may live in either one of these two cities? Alert them and share this story with them.

Maybe this reminder caused you to check old tickets, and WOW! end up being one of the million-dollar winners. Remember the author of this story, the car he drives is living on borrowed time.😊😊

The ticket holder may claim the prize at any Texas Lottery® claim center. The ticket holder may also claim the prize by mail. The ticket, along with a claim form, must be postmarked on or prior to the Jan. 25 ticket expiration date and should be mailed to:

Texas Lottery Commission

ATTN: Austin Claim Center

PO Box 16600 Austin, TX 78761-6600

A ticket holder forfeits any claim to a prize for a draw game after the expiration of the 180th day following the draw date. The deadline may be extended for a period of time for certain eligible military personnel. Unclaimed prizes revert back to the state for programs authorized by the Texas Legislature.

Another Huge Payout

By the way, tonight's Mega Millions drawing (1/3/2023) stands at $785 million with a cash value estimated at $395 million.

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