Did you happen to see that viral video from a couple months ago?  Apparently someone got sick and tired of motorists blowing right past a school bus when it had stopped to let children off and on.  She complained to police and they came out in force and wrote numerous citations in just a period of minutes.

According to a post on their Facebook page, Nacogdoches Police have been receiving complaints about folks routinely running red lights at a specific intersection in town, so, beginning today (Thursday), officers will be conducting a special enforcement action at North Street and Starr Avenue.

Police officers will be focusing primarily on red light violations at the intersection. Most of the public complaints have indicated that the northbound traffic turning east onto East Starr Avenue from North Street routinely fails to stop for the red light. The NPD will also address any other violations that are observed or discovered during the course of the enforcement action.

This is a very busy intersection that is traveled by a high number of vehicles and pedestrians attempting to cross the intersection.

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