Night number two at the Angelina Benefit Rodeo provided more spills and thrills, and that was just in the Mutton Bustin' competition.  12 youngsters from Lufkin, Diboll, Huntington, Apple Springs, and Bronson took their turns at riding sheep.  There were several great rides that garnered 80+ points, but, in the end, it was 8-year-old Camdyn Solorzano of Lufkin who took home the trophy with a ride of 85 points.

Andrez Montalvo of Diboll had a ride of 84 points, closely followed by Jaydon Clary of Lufkin, Dawson Hunt of Lufkin, Halle Walker of Huntington, and Marissa Flowers of Huntington, all of whom had 80+ point rides.

Other riders for the night were Brittin Bostin, Evangeline Chala, Parker Day, Jason Flower, William Haglund, and Addison Hennigan.

Take a look at all the rides in the video above.

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